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  • Justin Brownlee

The Church Will Never Stop

Happy Saturday to you Anchor Church! It's interesting... we might not be meeting on a Sunday, but in a way it feels like we have grown closer together during this time. The four walls of the church might be down, but the Church will never stop.

Declaration of Hope

We have built a house on solid rock, not on sinking sand. God will take care of His Church!

Today's Scripture

Jeremiah 17:8 says, "He will be like a tree planted by the water, that sends out its roots by the river. It will not be afraid when the heat comes but its leaves will be green. It will not be troubled in a dry year, or stop giving fruit."

How can you serve your Neighbor today?

We are now under curfew in Orange County. Getting groceries has become just a little more difficult. Ask your neighbors if they need any groceries! You might have some to spare or have time they do not to make grocery runs. Whether it be a case of water, canned goods or cleaning supplies, anything helps! Read all of Jeremiah 17 today. Comment below with your thoughts, questions, or prayer requests.


At Anchor Church, we exist to love and lead one another with the hope of Jesus. We hope this devotional is an encouragement and an inspiration.

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